Pokéwalk Log, Day 13

The solo trip to the coast was a rousing success and I felt reinvigorated by my working holiday by the sea. When I returned to camp I was met by silence and empty space. It would appear that Timtam was still away tending to the spiritual health of his tribal people.I admired his dedication but I still had an expedition to mount so after refilling my stock of Pokéballs and dropping off specimens to be delivered back tot he homeland at the nearby Valor controlled gym I headed off this time to the east to see what the land had in store for me.

I drove for hours through the wastes until passing by a wandering merchant. I asked if there were any interesting ruins or Pokémon breeding grounds around. In broken trade tongue he told me a story of a place called the Orange Bazaar! A massive trade center that the ancients had built deep in the dessert that still stood to this very day.

I grew excited at the thought of exploring such a place but he bade me not to go as many people have vanished among the ruins never to be seen from again. I scoffed at such nonsense and demanded to be shown the way. The merchant shrugged and marked its location on my map and off I went.

A day and a half later through rough terrain and inclement weather I finally arrived at the point on my map. At first I thought that the merchant had tricked me because I saw nothing. I drove a little way further before I became confused and disorientated. I drove past the same stand of trees three times before I realized I had been going circles.

Something was amiss. I was reminded of a time back in University during a class on wild Pokémon safety. There were some Pokémon that were able to befuddle the mind of unwary travelers causing them to become lost. The only way to escape such a fate was to act unpredictably so that the prescient creature became confused itself.

So instead of driving around I got out of my vehicle and began to run about changing directions at random. I could feel the grip of confusion slipping from my mind and when it finally did I stopped. I quickly spun around and behind me on the ground was a young Abra clutching at its reeling head his eyes closed tight. I wasted no time in tossing a Pokéball at it and capturing it.

No sooner had I caught the impish little creature did I realize it had been doing more than just making me confused. The little creature had been hiding the Orange Bazaar with its prodigious mental powers!

All around me ancient buildings still stained a vibrant orange color stood in orderly rows laid out in some arcane pattern that eluded my mind. I thought I couldn’t be awed anymore until I stepped inside one of the biggest structures and beheld the wonder of the ancients.

orange bazaar

Running from building to building I discovered  that the ceilings of every one was decorated in majestic patterns as above. I spent the rest of the day exploring the Bazaar never seeing the same pattern twice. I left completely humbled by my experience.


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