Pokéwalk Log, Day 12

After the fracas at the local gym I decided I needed some time to relax and what better way to relax in this god forsaken land then to head on down to the coast and frolic in the clear blue waters of the Pokestralia coast.I exited my hut to find Tim readying his gear in a hurried manner.and I asked him whatever was the matter. He told me that a boy from his tribe had fallen ill and as the tribes only spirit whisperer he had to return to help heal the boy. I had no idea what a spirit whisperer was, probably some kind of primitive doctor or heathen faith healer, but I was loathe to upset my friend. I offered him use of my vehicle but he told me where he was going was not accessible by mechanical methods. I wished my friend a safe trip and bade him a fare well.

I packed myself a delightful repast of cold roast Pidgey with a side of Tim’s hand made Johnny cakes. The drive to the coast was actually delightful the weather was hot but the breeze generated by the high rate of speed I was traveling made it quite tolerable. The closer I got to the coast the more pleasant it became as cool air blew in from the sea.

I drove along the coast enjoying the sea air and the sight of the blue waves crashing against the pure white sand. I crested a particularly large sand dune  and was stunned to behold the remains of a massive pier stabbing out into the ocean. I just had to explore this magnificent find immediately!

pokestralia pier

The design of the Pier was indicative of the Poke-Ancients.

At first I was worried that the ancient structure would be to eroded by time to support my explorations but to my delight the structure was sound as a pound. Not only that but it would appear as that mankind may have abandoned this structure hundreds of years ago Pokékind had moved in and made it their own.

On the pier colonies of Poliwag and Poliwhirl clambering about the stony surface feeding upon the patches of algae that grew there. I caught a few of these curios creatures but doing so drew the ire of the alpha male of the group, a large and intimidating Poliwrath! He made quite the ferocious display complete with whirling stomach patterns. He was no match for a perfectly pitched Pokéball however and I added him to my collection.

Beneath the the pier grubbing along in the wet sand were Kabuto’s and Staryu’s I quickly added a few of these slow moving creatures to my collection for future study and as the day was wearing on I decided to head back to camp. The sun was falling behind the horizon by the time I reached my vehicle but before I could climb aboard a familiar chill went up my spine

I slowly turned around and floating not ten feet from me was a Gastly! Could it be the same Gastly I encountered at the old Marina? Surely it could not be but it stared directly into my soul in a terribly familiar way. I wasn’t going to let this ghost Pokémon intimidate me any longer. Pushing through the paralyzing fear I pulled out a Pokéball and threw it with perhaps a bit too much force. The Gastly was pulled into the ball and I held my breath as I watched the indicator light blink. The ball rocked back and forth as the Gastly tried to break out the lock clicked shut and I let the breath I had been holding out in a rush. I shoved the ball holding the Gastly deep into my bag before hopping aboard my vehicle and returning to camp.


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