Pokéwalk Log, Day 11

I was cataloging my collected Pokémon specimens marking which I would keep for my personal studies and which I would send back to Valor headquarters when a fellow explorer came running into my camp in quite a huff.The man had run all the way from the local Valor outpost he came with news that a group of ruffians from Team Mystic had invaded our little outpost and taken it over. This was less than optimal. If Mystic takes over the local gym then my lines of supply would be severely hampered. The other Valor trainers knew this as well and so a runner was sent out to gather all those loyal to Team Valor to go do battle at the gym and take it back.

I needed no more incentive other than to snub those haughty blue bastards. I secured my camp and gathered my strongest Pokémon before climbing aboard my mechanized transport and driving to the gym as fast as I could over the rough terrain. By the time I arrived to the gym the battle had already commenced.

Other agents of Valor had their Pokémon out and were doing battle with our blue coated blackguards. I wasted no time in joining the fray casting out my secret weapon, my Vaporeon, Buttercup. I had inherited Buttercup back upon the mainland from my father who ran the local gym. It had served me well in the friendly duels I engaged in during my wild youth and has since been my stalwart companion ever since.

Out I sent Buttercup into the fray and she began to lay about with frenzied abandon. Buttercup loved to battle and I could see in her eyes the joy she was experiencing. The members of  Team Mystic soon realized that they were but matched and out witted and soon gave up the gym. The gathered Team Valor members laughed at their frenzied flight and hurled a few insults as they vanished back into the wastes from whence they came.

wartorn land

The land around the gym was a little worse for wear but it was a small price to pay for victory.



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