Pokéwalk Log, Day 9

The sun rose bright and I was greeted by the sounds of cooking and singing in foreign tongue. Outside my hut I found Tim at the fire preparing a breakfast of roasted Pidgey and some kind of johnny cake made from a local root pounded flat. He welcomed me to the fire and offered me part of the cooked Pokémon. I balked at first but my own supplies were dreadfully depleted so I ate. It was surprisingly delicious it wasn’t unheard of to eat Pokémon, surely in the past even we in the mainland used to eat Pokémon before the Poké-preservation act of 1799 banned the eating of Poké-flesh in most of the civilized lands. However here in this Pokémon choked lands it would seem to be common practice to eat the intelligent creatures.

After our most unusual repast Tim told me we were headed to a place called “Ong’leach”. He told me in time long past it was a place where vast ships once docked and the ancients did trade. The ancients were the ones who created the Pokéstops scattering them across the world to fuel their expansion. The reason for their disappearance was why explorers like myself made expeditions to this god forsaken land.

We drove in silence with the wastelands whipping past us at a fantastic speed. I had Tim slow down so that I could access several Pokéstops replenishing my Pokéball supply. Within a few hours the land began to grow a bit greener and the smell of salt water could be detected on the rapidly cooling breeze. As we crested a small rise the vast blue expanse of the ocean filled my view.


A small portion of the ancient marina. Also where I happened to find the wandering Geodude.

Hugging the shore was the ancient marina as we got closer I could see the great age of the thing. Great stones worn smooth by wave and time stood amidst pillars of petrified wood crusted with barnacles and other shelled sea life. A good many Shelders scrambled about the place siphoning sea water in to filter out the plankton.

No sooner had we arrived then i was out of the vehicle catching specimens for my collection. I snapped up a number of Shelders, an Geodude hiding among the rocks, a lone Bulbasaur lost from its herd, a good number of Poliwags feeding upon the kelp, and in a small tide pool I manged to catch a Goldeen.

Out in the waves a great deal of splashing and cavorting could be discerned tot he naked eye but the cause could not. I clambered above some rocks and pulled out my field glasses and to my astonishment there in the waves danced a Horsea! I thought it was simply playing in the water until I saw the menacing tentacles of a Tentacruel whipping through the water in chase. Normally i would let nature take its course but this day I chose to interfere because I wanted to add both to my collection and I did.

Satisfied by the bulging sack of Pokéballs filled with new specimens and wanting to be back in camp before the moon rose I headed back to the vehicle while Tim wandered off distracted by something behind a stand of stones. But before I could reach the car a chill went up my spine. I turned around and there floated a most terrible Pokémon, a Gastly. The very sight of a ghost Pokémon was known to cause strong men to die and I fear I nearly did. The gods were surely looking out for me this day because the Gastly passed me by with nary a second glance and I was more than thankful for it.

I didn’t mention my ghastly Gastly encounter with Tim when he returned I simply bade him to drive us back to camp. Hopefully the next day will lift the chill from my heart and make for a better excursion.



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