Pokéwalk Log, Day 13

The solo trip to the coast was a rousing success and I felt reinvigorated by my working holiday by the sea. When I returned to camp I was met by silence and empty space. It would appear that Timtam was still away tending to the spiritual health of his tribal people. Continue reading


Pokéwalk Log, Day 12

After the fracas at the local gym I decided I needed some time to relax and what better way to relax in this god forsaken land then to head on down to the coast and frolic in the clear blue waters of the Pokestralia coast. Continue reading

Pokéwalk Log, Day 9

The sun rose bright and I was greeted by the sounds of cooking and singing in foreign tongue. Outside my hut I found Tim at the fire preparing a breakfast of roasted Pidgey and some kind of johnny cake made from a local root pounded flat. He welcomed me to the fire and offered me part of the cooked Pokémon. I balked at first but my own supplies were dreadfully depleted so I ate. Continue reading