Pokéwalk Log, Day 8

My health was becoming as variable as the winds on these blasted plains but I wasn’t about to let that interfere with my expedition. If my strength was going to fail me during my quest then i would have to rely more upon my mechanical conveyance. However I did not fancy the idea of my strength failing me while I was behind the wheel of several tons of steel and flammable liquids.I brought up my concerns with my fellow explorers at the local Valor controlled gym. They unanimously agreed that the best course of action was to find myself a professional driver. I was inclined to agree but the cost of flying in a driver from the mainland was prohibitive to say the least. One of my fellows told me of a local man born into one of the wandering tribes whose family once aided a prominent Pokémon Professor. For their service their son was sent to be educated in the mainland. That son has since returned and has been known to hire out to the explorers who sought to plumb the mysteries of this dark continent.

I had the man send word to this local son to inquire if he was for hire and that I was in need of a driver. I had expected to wait for some time for my message  to reach the man but within the end of the day I was called upon by the very man who would be my driver and companion, Timtam’wapalituk.


Fearsome in appearance but noble in heart. He would become one of my closest friends.

Upon introduction he told me to call him Tim in order to save time during conversations and I thanked him for this. I told him of the sickness I suffered and my need for a driver and guide. He was all too happy to offer me his services and I was all to happy  to hire him. As the sun set he told me a tale of a place far to the west where an ancient marina once stood now left to the water Pokémon and the tides. It would appear we had our first destination planned.



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