Pokéwalk Log, Day 7

The sun rose high in the sky before I felt ready to leave my cot and venture out in these blasted lands again. The infection I picked up at the Oasis is till raging through my body. The returned health I felt the other day was merely the eye of the storm that was raging through my humors. An extended rest seemed to help some what and having enough of staring up at my huts ceiling praying for the sweet release of death I decided to make my way back to those ruins I had spied the other day and see what I could find in my weakened state.

Thank goodness for my mechanical transport because making the trip on foot was simply out of the question. I stopped near by the Oasis making the rest of the way by foot. The way was harder than I thought it would be it would appear I came to these lands during the dry and hot season. Though from the literature I read before embarking upon this expedition all lamented the terrible heat these lands suffered through. Unfortunately all those previous journeys were set during this wild continents “winter” so I could only assume that the temperature would continue to keep rising.

I managed to soldier on with frequent sips from my canteen and frequent rests in the shade. It only took under half a day to reach the odd ruins that lay just outside the Oasis. Unfortunately the ruins were in an even more ruinous state than I thought. The walls that made up whatever once stood here had all been eroded by the elements leaving but a memory of their existence. The only thing left was a curious altar which was festooned with the skulls of many Tauros’. It was a grisly sight to be sure but fascinating.

church ruins

Though its original meaning and function has been lost to time the local people now use it as a shrine to pagan gods.

From behind the curious altar I heard the sounds of something digging. I maneuvered behind to see what was causing the minor commotion and to my delight I saw that it was young Cubone! It was digging through a small pile of discarded bones in search of a new bone to wield as a weapon. He was far too a remarkable specimen to leave out in these ruins so I quickly tossed a Pokéball his way and captured him with nary a fuss. The heat and my illness quickly sapped the strength from limbs. I barely had the strength to drive myself back to base camp but I managed. This was a troubling development I had not planned on as I had journeyed to these lands alone. It would appear that I was in dire need of competent help.



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