Pokéwalk Log, Day 6

Day 6 saw the return of my vigor and feeling fit for the field once again. I remembered seeing the rooftops of a crude trading post near the oasis and decided to make a trip to investigate. Upon nearing the small village I came across several other hunters who informed me that this placed was called “Main street”. Obviously this was a jape among the other explorers in mockery to all good main streets that may exist in more civilized lands.

Before entering the small trading outpost proper I stumbled across a field that had a rare species of land dwelling Shelder! What a water Pokémon was doing in a scrub field I haven’t the foggiest.  Perhaps they burrow underground until they find water to stay moist and reach the surface only to forage for food? I will have to send this specimen along with my field notes to a water Pokémon specialist I know I am sure he shall be delighted.

Main Street had twin rows of crude shops lining a well worn dirt path selling all manner of trinket and ware. Poketstops littered the street a few adorned with lures to draw out the ratatas, pidgeys, and paras out from hiding to make pest control a less arduous task. I gathered a few specimens to see how they differed from their wilder brethren but finding little else of interest I soon headed out.

Main street.jpg

Inside they sold all manner of sundries that one could ever need to survive this harsh land.

As I Left the trading post I heard a curious growling from a nearby stand of bushes. As I neared to examine the source of the noise out sprang a Growlithe! A truly massive specimen full of energy with flames dancing about it in a territorial display.  I had to have him. I threw out a handful of raspberrys to distract the beast who fell upon the sweet treat in haste. I took my time to aim as it ate the fruit and lobbed a perfectly thrown poke ball. It snapped shut and rocked once, twice, thrice! It locked home with that satisfying click and he was mine!

The day could have ended there and I would have been happy but the Growlithe was not the last new specimen that I added to my collection oh no! For I cut through the oasis of The Park on my way back to my vehicle and was able to catch a young Ponyta as it nibbled on some new growth leaves and yet another fine Pikachu to add to my collection. I returned to camp as I felt my strength ebbing away most likely I was still feeling the sting of that tropical infection. Even though the day was short it had been productive. Tomorrow I shall strike out west from the Park for I see some odd ruins through the trees that will make for good exploration.


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