Pokéwalk Log, Day Five

I fell a sleep at camp with the highest hopes for the next day only for disaster to strike. Besides the plethora of Pokémon I picked up at the oasis I apparently picked up a raging case of wasteland fever. My body ached from my toes up to the very head on my head. My body was wracked with alternating waves of hot sweats and freezing chills. I lay trapped in my cot inside my stuffy shack while outside I could hear the Pokémon rustling about in the foliage taunting me with their closeness while I was too weak to even leave my single room. Luckily I had brought with me a large bottle of Pennyworth’s Patented curative tonic as well as an extra large bottle of laudanum. If all of that didn’t cut the mustard then that’s when the bottle of  Celadon City Gin would come into play. Hopefully the curative tonic will work its magic if it doesn’t my expedition will be in peril.

curative tonics

Tonics, no explorer should ever be with out.


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