Pokéwalk Log, Day Four

Disheartened with the lack of Pokémon on my previous expedition I decided I needed to expand my sphere of exploration. I had heard tales of an oasis filled with Pokémon and stops outside of my walking range. Luckily the vehicle I had requested from Team Valor head quarters arrived via airship during the night and was ready for use by morning. I undertook a mounted excursion to fabled oasis known as “The Park”. I did not understand why it was called such I assume it was a fanciful moniker bestowed upon it by passing explorers. The vehicle handled the rough terrain magnificently and made the miles fly by. Within a few hours of wasteland driving a verdant spot grew before my eyes as I approached The Park.  No sooner had I stopped my vehicle in the shade of a very large palm tree that I was beset upon by a wild Pinsir.Its large fighting horns thrashed in the air before me tearing chunks of bark from the oversized palm. Luckily a quickly thrown Pokéball was able to trap the beast allowing for further research and taming it to be my companion.

Now that I had a moment to myself I took in the land around me and I could not believe my eyes! Large palm trees like the one my vehicle was parked under ringed a small lake bustling with life. Pokéstops jutted from the ground from around the ruins of a once large building. The stops shone with possibilities and from every Pokéstop a strange shining lure dangled that drew in Pokémon in dazed herds. Through the trees I could spot other hunters and explorers from the other Teams wandering about the Oasis. I was worried that I would not be able to catch any Pokémon of my own. My worries were for not as the lures that hung from the ‘stops made sure that there were poke’s enough for everyone.

It was a truly framptious day as I filled my Pokédex full of ‘mons. I stocked up on dozens of Pidgey’s and Rattatas as one can never have too many of the more common Pokémon. The prize being a truly massive Parasect that commanded a small troop of Paras’s  and a duo of Pikachus who gave a surprisingly good fight breaking out of multiple Pokéballs and forcing me to chase them about. The day grew long and I grew rather tired I returned to my vehicle and made for camp, delighted.


The most vegetation I have seen in a long time.


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