Pokéwalk Log, Day Three.

My trip to the north was a terrible idea. If I had thought the southern expanse was barren what lay to the north made it seem a bustling metropolis. I walked for hours and found only a single Pokéstop. From that single stop however I did manage to procure an unidentifiable Pokémon egg. Luckily I just so happen to have a portable incubation unit in my kit. I placed the egg within and set out again. I grew quickly tired of the unending landscape of nothing  and decided to return back to base camp. I was lost in thought as I mentally composed my request for mechanized transport when I heard a terrible snuffling sound coming from the tall grass I happened to be passing. I froze in my tracks and readied a pokéball.

Out of the tall grass strode a magnificent Tauros specimen. It was a truly beautiful creature but a very territorial one as well and I was in its territory. It turned its massive horned head to look at me and shook its great bushy mane. It pawed at the earth underneath its hooves as it got ready to charge. However I didn’t feel like being on the receiving end of a Tauros’ charge as it is quite a devastating attack. So before it could start its fearsome advance I threw the pokéball I had readied directly in its way. the ball closed shut and as my heart soared at the thought of a new specimen the ball burst back open releasing the Pokémon! I quickly threw another one only to have that one fail too releasing the beast once again. I readied a third ball and offered up a silent prayer as I tossed the ball. The Tauros was pulled into the ball and it fell to the hard packed earth. It rocked three times and clicked with a satisfactory finality as the ‘mon was finally tamed.

As if the battle with the Tauros was not enough excitement I felt movement from the portable incubation unit. Apparently the egg was closer to hatching than I had thought. I set the hatching egg upon the ground and waited with bated breath to discover what it could possibly be. The shell cracked open and a flash of flame shined through. The flame belonged to a newborn Charmander. I quickly placed it into a fresh pokéball and returned to base camp satisfied that the trip wasn’t completely wasted.

charging tauros

An artists rendition of a charging Tauros. It’s actually twice as terrifying in person.


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