Pokéwalk Log, Day Two.

This area is more terrible than I could ever have imagined. Truly it is more barren than my second wife, Matilda. I struck off towards the south with hopes riding high. Those hopes quickly dwindled as I found nothing but a handful of Rattata’s and the ever present Pidgey’s. I have started to loathe the sound of a Pidgey’s cry as it fills this barren landscape from dusk till dawn.It’s strange but it would appear that the ecological niches that would be filled with ordinary beasts has been completely taken over by Pokémon. This raises a bit of a dilemma because I had hoped to replenish my food supplies via hunting but if normal animals can not be found I might have to resort to eating Pokémon. I came across the ruins of what can only be assumed to be some sort of religious site. It still  had a few odd icons made of rotting wood and stone that drew my interest but what really caught my eye were the fluttering tails of a young Vulpix! It would look like this land wasn’t as barren as it first seems. I was lucky enough to capture the specimen into a hastily thrown pokéball, not my finest throw but any throw that succeeds is a good one as they say, and hastened back to camp before night could fall. I may have to send back to the mainland for mechanical transport in order to expand my horizons but first I shall see what the lands in the north have to offer.

Vulpix ruins

The ruins I captured the Vulpix in. Did a once mighty civilization once rule here?


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