Pokéwalk Log, Day 14 Part 1.

I woke from a refreshing sleep after taking some time off to catalogue my Pokémon and getting them ready to be shipped back to the mainland. I had put it off for far too long and the entire process took quite a while. I fear I have neglected my journal all the while. Continue reading


Pokéwalk Log, Day 13

The solo trip to the coast was a rousing success and I felt reinvigorated by my working holiday by the sea. When I returned to camp I was met by silence and empty space. It would appear that Timtam was still away tending to the spiritual health of his tribal people. Continue reading

Pokéwalk Log, Day 9

The sun rose bright and I was greeted by the sounds of cooking and singing in foreign tongue. Outside my hut I found Tim at the fire preparing a breakfast of roasted Pidgey and some kind of johnny cake made from a local root pounded flat. He welcomed me to the fire and offered me part of the cooked Pokémon. I balked at first but my own supplies were dreadfully depleted so I ate. Continue reading

Pokéwalk Log, Day 8

My health was becoming as variable as the winds on these blasted plains but I wasn’t about to let that interfere with my expedition. If my strength was going to fail me during my quest then i would have to rely more upon my mechanical conveyance. However I did not fancy the idea of my strength failing me while I was behind the wheel of several tons of steel and flammable liquids. Continue reading

Pokéwalk Log, Day 7

The sun rose high in the sky before I felt ready to leave my cot and venture out in these blasted lands again. The infection I picked up at the Oasis is till raging through my body. The returned health I felt the other day was merely the eye of the storm that was raging through my humors. An extended rest seemed to help some what and having enough of staring up at my huts ceiling praying for the sweet release of death I decided to make my way back to those ruins I had spied the other day and see what I could find in my weakened state.

Continue reading

Pokéwalk Log, Day 6

Day 6 saw the return of my vigor and feeling fit for the field once again. I remembered seeing the rooftops of a crude trading post near the oasis and decided to make a trip to investigate. Upon nearing the small village I came across several other hunters who informed me that this placed was called “Main street”. Obviously this was a jape among the other explorers in mockery to all good main streets that may exist in more civilized lands. Continue reading